Training Transformation

“Taking the time to share some great media coverage that we have had with the launch of Collette University. Thank you for helping us deliver a great program! Can’t wait to get UK and Australia going.”

– A. Tejada, Director of Training, Collette Tour

Cine Learning Productions helps organizations identify opportunities to transform the training and development function for improved results. We can help your organization by:

  • Analyzing and evaluating your current training curriculum, delivery methods and resources and making recommendations for changes
  • Custom blending solutions to your environment
  • Supporting your training team to improve product, productivity, and outcomes
  • Conducting workshops to train your staff on our story-based, learner-centric approach

Here is a short Cine webisode series that gives you an idea of how one trainer went from “Boring to Brilliant” and how Cine can help! We present, “The Training Trials of Steve Yak”

Episode 1

Steve Yak: Killin’ it in the Classroom

Episode 2

Steve Yak: Power Pointless

Episode 3

Steve Yak: Workday Wipeout