Dynamic Video

“Let me say that I think these videos turned out great. I just wish I’d been there when you were filming them. Our students will love them.”

– Project Manager, University of Phoenix

Cine Learning Wins FIRST PLACE TTV Award
for Best Vendor Produced Video!

Cine Learning Productions is proud to announce the video Cine produced for University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice, “CSI Misperceptions” won the FIRST PLACE National TTV Award for Best Vendor Produced Video! We could not be more proud!
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Cine Learning Production’ award-winning, best-in-class video has revolutionized the industry with it’s realism and relevance to your learners.

Cine Learning offers:

Cinematic Filmmaking

Realistic Scriptwriting

Soft skill comparisons

Documentary style filmmaking

Videos for College courses

Dynamic Interviews

Motion graphics

Workplace Conflict

In this video Justin and Rachel argue about an assignment. Their supervisor, Amy, struggles to resolve their conflict. The video is used to introduce the scenario in an eLearning course on managing conflict in the workplace.


Following stellar job performance, John receives a promotion to manager. After diving head-first into his new role, he quickly discovers trying to do it all may be a bit more challenging than he originally thought. A video used to introduce an eLearning course on delegation.

Breaking the Diagnosis: The Wrong Way

When Mr. Miller received a call from the doctor with his daughter’s diagnosis he is left with more questions than answers. From a public health course teaching doctors about patient centered care.

Understanding Harassment: Healthcare

Michelle has her hands full with Dr. Michaels. How will she handle it? The first video scenario from a series in the eLearning course Understanding Harassment: Healthcare

Coaching and Mentoring Employees

Michael is having one of those days. After finishing yet another coaching session with April, she still doesn"t grasp the basics of client relations. A video used to introduce an eLearning course on managing conflict in the workplace.

Merger Impossible

What happens with four different communication patterns – a dominant, expressive, analytical and amiable are all teamed to make a company merger happen? Video is part of an eLearning course on identifying communication patterns.