About Us

The Cine Learning team is a collection of industry professionals with many years of experience in the learning and development field and in the production of multimedia learning. The team came together through a common passion: creating learning that is out of the ordinary.

We’ve worked on hundreds of projects and have authored articles and how-to guides for industry-leading publications. We are known worldwide for our story-based approach to learning!


  • Diane Senffner, M.Ed.


    Diane is a recognized leader in the field of learning and development and speaks at major conference and writes for industry journals several times per year. Her research and theories in story-based learning have been published and Cine is now known world-wide for this method of eLearning and video design. She’s also a health educator, actor, dialect coach, wife of renaissance man, dog-mom, sis, world traveler, and eater of many vegetables.

  • Thomas Calpin

    Chief Creative Officer

    When he’s not whisking princesses off to volleyball or dance, Tom manages managers, developers, designers, and projects. He has a degree in 3-D animation and is an award-winning designer. Tom's people and project management skills, technical expertise and graphics skills drive Cine’s success. Tom and his development staff can develop programs in almost any authoring tool.

  • Shannon Rist, MSc.

    Project Manager

    Known for her creativity and eye for design, Shannon has over 15 years of hands-on experience creating, managing and implementing instructional programs; as well as am M.S. in Instructional and Performance Technology from Boise State University. Aside from being a Training and Development Rockstar, Shannon is a reading, writing, dog-loving, outdoorsy, sushi crazed, baby-mama, tomboy, girly-girl.

  • Tanya Knight, Ed.D

    Sr. Sales Manager

    Tanya brings over 10 years’ experience in education in the K-12 and higher education sector. She’s held various roles from Admissions Manager, Director of Corporate Development, Regional Center Director, Campus Director and most recently Educational Consultant. She loves volunteering her time and expertise by writing articles and blogs for various online publications. She has written three books on education and counting! In her spare time, she loves going to the beach, dinning at new restaurants, writing and reading anything and everything related to education and self-improvement. She admits to being obsessed with Zumba and Boot camp style workouts and attends classes weekly.

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  • Chris Charlson

    Sr. Writer

    Chris is a phi-beta-kappa journalism graduate and award-winning video script writer. Her clever, engaging dialogue has been praised for its realism and 'genuine' feel. Chris is a world traveler and also an online reporter for the Cincinnati Zoo where she frolics with penguins and pets rhinos on a semi-regular basis.

  • Nathan Blackwell

    CEO, Squishy Studios

    Filmmaker Nathan Blackwell began his career like many of his counterparts — a manic eleven year-old running around with a camera. He's since directed fifty short films, two low-budget features, four web series, numerous commercials, and won over thirty awards for film making. His only non-film hobby is cooking, and really only pasta to be perfectly honest.

  • Leslie G. Kepler, Ed.D.

    Sr. Transformation Consultant

    Lively, laughs loud, loves a workplace learning challenge. Meet Leslie. Passionate about creating training transformation in hopes of answering the question, “what if employees actually liked online learning?” Idea of work fun - mind melding with clients and designers to come up with possibilities for better training.   Creative inspiration and life fun comes from hiking beautiful Arizona with hubby and dog, baking fabulous homemade bread, and connecting with people instead of devices.

  • Jeremy Verwey

    Graphic Designer

    Jeremy has over 18 years of experience as an artist/animator and 15 years of experience as a graphic designer for e-learning courses. He is well known for his creativity and his eye for detail. Jeremy lives by the tenant, "A thing worth doing, is worth doing well." He is a son, brother, husband and father of six. He's a lover AND a fighter and sometimes more of the latter. Jeremy is an aspiring writer of fantasy, an avid reader, and a gamer.

  • Craig Nieman

    Marketing Manager

    Craig Nieman has a degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Cincinnati. He’s Cine’s resident Millennial staff member so we never have to second-guess our efforts! Craig is also a talented comedy writer, script writer and in his spare time he is an avid gamer.


WOSB and WBE Certified

Cine Learning Productions is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Woman Business Enterprise (WBE)...

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2017 HEMMY Award

Cine Learning Productions just won the 2017 HEMMY (Health Education Media Makers Yearly) Award for "ADHS: Adverse Childhood Experiences Online Training." Centerpiece of the training was the branched video scenarios we filmed that were highly realistic... Congrats to...

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ATD ICE 2018 Conference

Come see us at the ATD ICE conference in San Diego May 6-9, 2018! We’re exhibiting at Booth 1732. To learn more about the conference click here. Check back for a listing of sessions we are doing at the...

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