You want your training to be better – to get RESULTS…

So you’ve had it with…

Boring, page-turner eLearning… unrealistic, poorly produced video productions… droning webinars that seem to be turning off and tuning out employees.

You need a solution…

You know you have to get beyond classroom training but what you’re doing isn’t cutting it. You long for something better, something that connects learners to the subject, something flexible and engaging and something that also gets you RESULTS.

We have the solution…

We are a 21st Century learning company that helps you develop a blend of courses that meets YOUR needs, that fits your organization, while creating them with our famous story-based, narrative approach.

Cine Learning Wins FIRST PLACE TTV Award
for Best Vendor Produced Video!

Cine Learning Productions is proud to announce the video Cine produced for University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice, “CSI Misperceptions” won the FIRST PLACE National TTV Award for Best Vendor Produced Video! We could not be more proud!
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Story-Based Learning:

Storytelling has been powerfully educating people for generations. Stories and narratives give adult learners a crucial window into how content is relevant to them, making them invested in the material.

And it’s been vetted:  Storytelling helps adult learners retain learning.

In research, it’s been found that adults could recite a story with all the relevant facts and figures verbatim even weeks after the learning took place.  While adults subjected to a lecture on the same material retained less than fifty percent of the same facts.

Storytelling can make a powerful difference. Cine co-founder and CEO, Diane Senffner discovered first hand just how powerful storytelling can be in learning.


You want your training to be better – to get RESULTS…